Saturday, October 27, 2007

Densiocards takes on a new face!

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Rising from the dead, Densiocards is now The Green Itch!
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Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Densio Cards of Summer

Here are the cards I made way back summer of 2005. Medyo corny lang yun borders hehe sorry. I am not an artiste so bear with my designs. My main goal in creating Densio cards was to recycle the papier stock (not stack ha, exagge naman yun) I have here. Mga ilang taon na rin ako nag-iipon ng receipts, flyers, papers used on both sides PLUS nagnanakaw pa ng mga announcements sa mga bulletin boards sa Lib at EDSA Walk (sa Ateneo). I really am a paper addict so while I'm a bum waiting for June 2006 to start my graduate studies in Environmental Science, kailangan ko na mag-ipon ng pang-tuition at allowance. Consider your purchase as your donation to the Densio Master in Environmental Science Scholarship Fund. Yipee! Keep posted for more products. I'll post them pictures here. Meanwhile, spread the word, help Densio keep her semi-business running while helping keep Mother Earth alive!
This is the literally green-minded Densio card, lumabas berde yun kulay ng cards. But it's all cool. Madami ako nabigyan nitong "green card" na ito teehee. Redg Plopinio (LM Batch 10), Maximino Pulan (LM Founder), Randy Alingalan (LM Batchmate), Jean Navarro (Pisay 01, UP Diliman 05) Genesis Bolauro (NMCI/MFPI), Janice Corro (Power UP climber/my mentor) (plus others I don't remember) were recipients. Hmmm.

Batch 1 din ito ng Densio cards. Pero natagalan bago ko nalagyan ng design. Tapos yun parang line is a coir (coconut) fiber, galing sa thesis ko. I used it also just so I could recycle a lot of stuff here at home hehe.

One of two cards which first came out in April 2005. Nalimutan ko na kanino ko naibigay hehehe. By the way nasama lang yun mukha ko diyan, short hair pa. And talagang fresh from graduation. Paawa effect kaya andiyan, sabi nga ni Miko AliƱo (LM Batchmate). The first person to buy a card from me was Jacky Chua (LM Batch 15). Sobrang astig! Salamat!

I think this was the first card I made back in April 2005. Ella Santiago (SPCP 05) was the one who got this one, if I remember right. I painted it before giving it out. Drawings were in charcoal 2B. Glennie Cruz (SPCP 05) got my first of all firsts cards as a farewell card when she went to Canada. She's back in the Philippines now but I'm hoping the next Densio card I give her won't be another farewell card.

Thank you for the order, Ma'am!

Thank you to Toj for ordering 20 cards from me. Was able to give her 4 cards today, will give 16 more next week. Siyet Toj maraming salamat sa suporta at paniniwala. Christmas gift mo na sa akin yan pati kay Inang Kalikasan. And so the Densio cards blogsite begins.